Real Results Happening Now!

Arther Down 10lbs down in 5 weeks!

55 lbs in 3 Months!

A rapid 3-month transformation
(nutritional metabolic reprogramming only; no exercise) “I feel like with the results I’ve achieved I should be saying something like it was all due to a lot of hard work and dedication but I would be lying!

It has taken something (a little thing called integrity) and at times I have been tempted to stray but I never did, overall it has been EASY!


Week 12 Final Update:

A whopping 55lbs loss from my starting point!
Body fat from 28.9% to 18.3%
BMI from 30.1 to 22.8
Body Water from 46.9% to 59.6%
Muscle Mass from 38.9% to 42.6%

Mom's Unite!

“The picture on the left is the night before I gave birth to my baby girl. The heaviest weight of my life! Ladies- our bodies are freaking incredible. To grow a life inside of you, nourish it, protect it, love it, and give birth to that baby. We are so blessed to be able to do those things.
On the flip side, the picture on the right is this morning 6 months after giving birth to my precious baby girl. Down 51lbs and however many inches. I am just as happy, (maybe a bit more crazy with two under 3 🤪) just as strong, and just as incredible.”⁣
Just in a different way!
Ladies- you can do the hard things. You can take control of your life and make it what you want. Whether you are starting at your worst or your best. Just be better than the person you were yesterday. ⁣

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 1.17.31 PM

I have found an enormous amount of gratitude for myself that I did not have before my health & fitness journey. I was so hard on myself, filled with such negative self-talk, and it never did anyone any good. I can now confidently say, I’m a better wife, mom, & friend because of the positivity I now know!”⁣ - @brandelin.cathlene.fitmom

Stick to the Plan, It Works!

The photo on the left was snapped my first week of staring ideal protein . I was working a wedding in Savanah , I just rem being so crushed when my friend and I went through all the behind the scene photos! How did I let my health get so far out of control! I was unhealthy, uncomfortable, and quite frankly had zero energy to keep up with my children.

I wanted to get my health under control and had “tried” countless times! Until a family member told me about this program. So I did some research. After seeing my cousin and my Titi’s results I had hope. High hopes !! That’s when I decided to hire a coach. From that day forward my life was forever changed!


Stick to plan it works !

I’m living breathing proof.

Don’t make excuses you can do it. If I can you can 💪🏽your stronger then you think you are

@mrs.leelak Nicole Raleel