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dr seth camhi

Dr. Seth Camhi

Medical Director

Dr. Camhi is a Board Certified Family Physician with additional training in Sports Medicine. He started his medical training at Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara and completed it at New York Medical College. He did his Family Medicine Residency through the Institute for Family Health at the Kingston Hospital in Kingston, New York. After residency, he completed his Fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. He practices full-spectrum family medicine and specializes in wellness and prevention.

Dr. Camhi is originally from New York and in his free time enjoys playing and watching sports and spending time with his wife and four children (his oldest Max and his triplets – Sarah, Leah and Luke).

Antonio Civitarese

Dr. Antonio Civitarese

Medical Director

Dr. Antonio E. Civitarese is considered an expert in nutrition, weight loss, biopharmaceutical, and supplement  development with two PhDs in Nutrition and Endocrinology and Biotechnology from Deakin University, Australia. In his most recent positions, he was Global Scientific Director for Metabolic Diseases (obesity, diabetes and heart disease) at Novo Nordisk and currently working as a Sr Medical Director in Metabolic and Genetic Disease for a local San Diego Pharmaceuticals Company.

In 2005, he was awarded with the American Diabetes Association Scientific Meeting Young Investigator Award for his work on hormone signaling in muscle. In 2006, he was recognized as one of the World’s four best Obesity Research from the International Association for Obesity Society Investigator Award and in 2007, he received the Stock Conference Young Investigator Award for his work in diabetes.

Brie Headshot

Brie Thomas

Senior Nutritionist

Brie Thomas has been a nutrition coach for the past 7 years graduating from the University of Utah.

She fell in love with nutrition after going through her own weight loss journey losing 65lbs.

She's also is the author of the Bikini Bible Cookbook and stared a meal prep company called We Love Meal Prep to help people fully live out their nutrition goals.

She is known for speaking events and workshops around the city to help educate in weight loss and weight management.


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